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Our Story

Founder and board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Chris Nettune comes from a family of human eye specialists—both his father and brother are respected ophthalmologists in North Texas.

As a result, he learned at an early age about the eye problems that can affect people—and the leading-edge medical and surgical options available to treat them. Merge this foundational knowledge with his innate love for animals, and Dr. Nettune’s professional path in veterinary ophthalmology was practically preordained.

To him, pet eye care is a calling, not just a career choice. This is why Blink is committed to going beyond delivering top-notch clinical care to provide a level of thoughtful, attentive service that sets it apart from other veterinary ophthalmology practices.

What is the Blink Difference?

  • If you’re a pet parent, it means you’ll get a clear picture of your pet’s eye issues as we guide you step-by-step through their treatment options. With our extensive knowledge of animal and human eye care, we explain eye care concepts with clarity and compassion, so you fully understand and feel confident in the care your pet receives.
  • If you’re a primary care veterinarian, it means you can extend your expertise to better meet the eye-care needs of your patients. Dr. Nettune is available to talk/text about eye issues that come up in your clinic anytime, so don’t hesitate to reach out. And when you refer to Blink, you gain a collaborative partner who’ll accurately diagnose and effectively treat your patients’ ophthalmologic issues for optimal outcomes—and keep you informed throughout.

Just as eyes need light to see, Blink is a guiding light that illuminates pet eye issues, providing focus, clarity, and resolution. It’s why an ever-growing number of pet parents and primary care veterinarians trust Blink with their animals’ and patients’ eyes.

We’d be honored to count you among them.

Meet Our Team


Christian Nettune, DVM, DACVO

Board-Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon

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Dr. Chris Nettune, born and raised in Texas, grew up in a family of ophthalmologists as his father and one of his three brothers are human ophthalmologists. His brother, Dr. Greg Nettune, is a cornea specialist and cataract surgeon here in Dallas. Needless to say, the Nettune name is associated with caring for eyes.

Dr. Chris Nettune is a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist who takes a conservative approach to surgery. He enjoys guiding pet parents through all the treatment options - ranging from the conventional to the more advanced therapies that mimic the same level of care we could expect for our own eyes. These advanced diagnostics, medical therapies, and surgical skills are unique to Blink as they were learned only by spending time in the operating rooms and clinics run by his father and brother. Dr. Nettune will help guide you as you choose the path that makes the most sense for you and your pet. Unlike other specialists, Dr. Nettune appreciates that there are numerous ways to restore comfort and vision and always works to find the best option for you rather than applying the same approach to every pet.

Dr. Nettune graduated from Vanderbilt University. He earned his veterinary degree at Oklahoma State University and then pursued specialization, first by completing an internship in small animal medicine and surgery at Ohio State University and then a 3-year residency in veterinary ophthalmology. He specializes in microincisional cataract surgery with artificial lens replacement and ocular emergencies, and treats multiple ocular abnormalities in dogs and cats including trauma, corneal ulcers, corneal lacerations, corneal foreign bodies, glaucoma, as well as numerous eyelid abnormalities and masses.

Outside of work, he is the husband of a veterinarian and father to two adorable daughters. He shares his home with a sweet old Australian Shepherd and a Siamese cat.

Ashley Myers, DVM, cVMA

Ocular Emergency and Triage Veterinarian

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Dr. Ashley Myers has over ten years of experience as a primary care veterinarian. It took a little convincing by Dr. Nettune to get her on board seeing only ophthalmology patients, but she was intrigued by the opportunity to use some of the skills she enjoys most, such as overseeing anesthesia and quickly assessing urgent and emergent eye cases. Dr. Myers is instrumental in expediting care for those patients as she is able to relay information directly to our ophthalmologist, ensuring pets don’t suffer while waiting to be seen since this can result in vastly different visual outcomes.

“After years of watching myself and other vets not be able to have our patients seen promptly by specialists for urgent problems that needed advanced care, this opportunity to play the role of triage veterinarian is a perfect fit for me. While I will miss the daily interaction of wellness visits and routine surgeries, I am thrilled to be able to help animals while also helping other veterinarians get their patients' care when they need it most and facilitating the process for the ophthalmology team here at Blink. This will ensure the best possible outcome.”

Originally from Virginia, Dr. Myers earned her veterinary degree from Oklahoma State University.

Outside of the clinic, she enjoys life as a mom, wife, and pet parent.

Veterinary Technicians

Jeanette, LVT, BS

Referral Coordinator

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A licensed veterinary technician with more than twenty years’ experience in veterinary ophthalmology, Jeanette ensures every patient and client are well taken care of and communication flows seamlessly between Blink and primary care veterinarians. She also assists with training new team members. 


Veterinary Technician

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Gisela has more than ten years of experience in veterinary ophthalmology with a special interest in eye surgery.

Kaitlyn, BS

Veterinary Technician

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Kaitlyn brings over two years of experience specifically in veterinary ophthalmology to Blink. She also has extensive experience working with marine mammals.  

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Blink Offers Great Career Opportunities

We are focused exclusively on eye care for pets whose owners truly love them and will do anything to restore their vision and comfort. Led by board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Chris Nettune, we work hard and we work smart as a team to consistently provide the best care and best experience for our patients and their owners.

In addition to being able to take pride in making a positive impact on our patient’s lives and the people who love them, we offer the following:

To be considered for a career at Blink, please send your resume to: hello@blinkvets.com

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